General: Counselling / psychotherapy cost and payment.

Counselling / psychotherapy costs and payment.

Some information on the cost of counselling and psychotherapy by Nora Kirrane, MIAHIP.

My name is Nora Kirrnane and I’m an accredited counsellor and psychotherapist. One of the first questions you need to ask when you contact your counsellor or psychotherapist is how much they charge, there is usually a standard rate and this may vary around the country according to where you live.

Some therapists may offer places to people who are on a lower income. They may advertise this as working at a reduced rate. The reduced rate may be a set amount or you may be able to negotiate; based on your income.

Some therapists will offer a sliding scale and this payment means you negotiate again according to your income.

In counselling and psychotherapy training centres, students who have reached the required level of training and have regular supervision may be able to offer places at a reduced rate or free of charge. When you contact the centres it is important to check how long the waiting list will be.

Many counsellors and psychotherapists are self employed and they will often have a cancelation policy to safeguard their income, for example if you cancel 24hrs before a session, you may have to pay in full as it would be impossible to find someone to fill your slot at such short notice.

And finally you are entitled to ask for a receipt upon payment.

Thank you