What is Psychotherapy?

What is Psychotherapy?

Mary Lalor, Chair of the Irish Council for Psychotherapy, answers the question. Mary also offers up some insights as to what clients might expect from the experience.

What is involved in training as an ICP accredited pychotherapist?
ICP therapists are trained over a period of seven years. They have to have their primary degree, and then four years specific modality training to become a psychotherapist. The training involves about 3,200 hours.

What is psychotherapy?
Psychotherapy is the treatment of emotional or mental distress.

How does it work?
It works when somebody forms, what we call a good therapeutic relationship, with their therapist and they begin to look at their issues, their questions, their problems and work towards resolving whatever questions there may be.

What could I expect from the experience?
Well one could expect to be treated with respect. They would expect a confidential environment. They would expect to be able to trust the person that they were working with. ONe of the biggest issues is that they would form a therapeutic relationship with that person and they would feel comfortable to be able to go on the journey of therapy with that person. They might meet with them, weekly, or frequently, depending on which modality of therapy they are using, towards resolving the questions or issues that they came with.

How long does it take?
That varies. It depends. It is not a one-size-fits all model. It depends on the type of modality and whether that is going to be group or individual or couple. It will be over a period of time, to be decided by the person and the therapist.

What should I look for when choosing a psychotherpist?
You should look for somebody who is trained and accredited and that you are comfortable with. Feel free to shop around, and to interview a couple of people so that you will know that you will feel comfortable to form this therapeutic relationship we were talking about earlier.

In your opinion, what is the main difference between counselling and psychotherapy?
Well the main difference is actually the training. Psychotherapists are trained at a master level, to a higher training, and that allows them to work at a deeper level with the issue that the person presents.

I would like to talk to a psychotherapist, where can I find one?
You could use the directory on this site. Or you could contact the ICP at psychotherapy-ireland or you the telephone number for the administrative secretary is (01) 2722105 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (01) 2722105      end_of_the_skype_highlighting