Inclusion Criteria

Criteria for Including Practitioners on the Website.

1. Inclusion criteria for individual practitioners:

1.1 The inclusion criteria for individual practitioners is based on the individual practitioner being a fully accredited member of a recognised counselling body / organisation based in the Republic of Ireland which has:

  1. A code of ethics relating to counselling / psychotherapy practice.
  2. An accreditation process which includes training and counselling / psychotherapy experience requirements.
  3. A complaints and disciplinary procedure.

In addition, individual practitioners should have a current insurance policy covering them for private practice and be attending regular supervision.

Individuals currently practicing or intending to practice in the Republic of Ireland, who are not accredited with ANY accrediting body in Ireland but who are accredited with an organisation outside of Ireland, provided that the accrediting body in question meets the above criteria – thus making the practitioner accountable to an accrediting body while practicing in Ireland.

1.2 Inclusion for organisational counselling services:

Service must have the following:

  1. A code of ethics relating to counselling practice.
  2. Practitioners with experience in counselling or in formal training.
  3. A complaints / disciplinary procedure.
  4. Counsellors attending regular supervision.