Accreditation Information

Individual counsellors and psychotherapists are included on this site on the basis of being a current accredited member of one of the various counselling and psychotherapy representative bodies / organisations / associations / groups (abbreiviated to bodies throughout this site) here in Ireland.

Being accredited with one of these bodies’ means that the individual has had to achieve a certain level of training and education in the field of counselling and /or psychotherapy, before becoming an accredited member of one of these bodies. It also means that they are bound by that organisation’s code of ethics.

However, individual representative bodies can have very different levels of educational and training requirements and codes of ethics. In order for you to make an informed decision when choosing a counsellor, we have included individual bodies accreditation process and code of ethics. The information regarding  accreditation criteria and the code of ethics of these bodies has been provided to by a representative of these bodies. In relation to this information, and in choosing a counsellor in general, please see our disclaimer.

All counsellors and psychotherapists listed on this site have indicated accreditation with one or more of the accrediting bodies listed. This information is included in the individuals entry. Before choosing a counsellor / psychotherapist, we would encourage you to verify the individuals accreditation with the listed accrediting body / bodies.

We are currently reviewing the information included on our accreditation section. In the meantime, if you have any queries in relation to accreditation or code of ethics relating to the sections with missing information, you can contact the organisations directly. Contact details for all these are listed on the individual pages.