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This is a comprehensive listing of accredited counsellors and psychotherapists operating in the Republic of Ireland.

To be listed on the website as an individual, a counsellor or psychotherapist must have reached certain standards. In Ireland these professions are not yet regulated by law; standards are set through a process of self-regulation by professional associations which accredit counsellors and psychotherapists.

CounsellingDirectory.ie indicates each individual’s accrediting body or bodies. We encourage anyone choosing a therapist to verify this information themselves.

To be listed, centres where more than one therapist is available, must have a code of ethics, a complaints procedure or disciplinary procedure, and their counsellors must attend regular supervision. The inclusion criteria for centres are outlined in the “Inclusion Criteria” section.

Although we have made efforts to ensure the accreditation of individuals and credentials of centres listed, CounsellingDirectory.ie is not in any way responsible for any claim made or any information provided on this website.